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International Tax and Business Entities

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Business in the USA


A Summary of Relevant Aspects for Foreign Companies Still being the largest single market in the world, the USA is traditionally one of the most important markets for foreign companies. After several years of successful imports into the United States, foreign companies are often faced with the question of whether it makes sense to have their own presence in the US market. The following article is intended to provide a brief guide to support decision-making: I. Federal and State Law In the United States, laws and judgments exist both at the federal and at the state level. However, the powers of individual US...

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Florida Corporate Entities

Florida Corporate Entities Florida offers many types of business entities that can limit the liability of its principals. The three main types of business entities are partnerships, corporations and limited liability companies. A General Partnership is an unincorporated business owned by two or more persons who share assets and liabilities. In order to limit liability, owners may choose to enter into a limited liability partnership, a limited partnership, or a limited liability limited partnership. ...

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Doing Business in Germany

Doing Business in Germany: Formation of a corporate entity named “GmbH” by a US person or entity. A German GmbH can be set up by one or more individuals or entities, usually without restrictions. It is an excellent vehicle to gain access to a thriving market, giving the US investor a local presence in Germany and the European Union. Urban Thier & Federer represents clients from all over the United States with regards to the initial formation of a German entity, followed by ongoing advice with regards to legal issues in Germany and the European Union, such as contracts, Intellectual Property...

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Double Taxation Agreements USA – Germany – United Kingdom – Attorney

Double Taxation Agreements USA - Germany - United Kingdom Double Taxation All countries have unique tax laws and rules. If an individual has income or capital gains from one country and resides in another country, that individual may be responsible for paying taxes in both countries pursuant to the respective tax laws....

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International Law: Choosing the Right Law Firm

Law Firms with a Concentration on International Law: The Real Difference International Law: The Who, What, Where, and Why This article is about what constitutes international law, what characterizes an international law firm, sectors of international law, career options in international law, and showcases a few specific international law firms such as our firm Urban Thier and Federer....

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A record number of U.S. Citizens are renouncing their passports and cutting their official ties to the United States according to recent data released by the Treasury Department. With an all-time high and an increase of more than 20% from the previous year, over 4,200 American Citizens expatriated in 2015. This number is over eighteen times higher than the mere 231 individuals who expatriated in 2008....

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