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Establishing Abroad: No Business as Usual

Die Deutschen lieben Elch und Rentier“, sagt Tim Schulz. Die Geschmacksrichtung Hirsch hat der Gründer auch im Sortiment. Schulz kommt aus Prohn bei Stralsund. Sein Unternehmen hat der 28-Jährige aber auf der anderen Seite der Ostsee gegründet, in Schweden. Renjer stellt Streifen aus Trockenfleisch her, bewirbt diese als nachhaltige Protein-Snacks. Vor allem Touristen sollen sie schmecken. Schulz ist Gründer aus Überzeugung. Sein Job als Finanzbeamter in der Heimat war ihm keine Erfüllung. Im südschwedischen Lund, 20 Kilometer von Malmö entfernt, schrieb er sich daher 2016 für den Masterstudiengang „Entrepreneurship and Innovation“ ein. Hier lernte er den Österreicher Alex und den Finnen...

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Business in the USA


A Summary of Relevant Aspects for Foreign Companies Still being the largest single market in the world, the USA is traditionally one of the most important markets for foreign companies. After several years of successful imports into the United States, foreign companies are often faced with the question of whether it makes sense to have their own presence in the US market. The following article is intended to provide a brief guide to support decision-making: I. Federal and State Law In the United States, laws and judgments exist both at the federal and at the state level. However, the powers of individual US...

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Compelling evidence in the U.S. in aid of a non-U.S. proceeding

Compelling evidence in the U.S. in aid of a non-U.S. proceeding Lawyers in Germany and elsewhere outside the US are often confronted with a practical and often frustrating discovery issue: How does one obtain documents or information for use in a non-U.S. proceeding if it is located solely in the United States. Like many tribunals in other countries, German courts lack the authority to issue subpoenas to non-parties in the U.S., thus making it extremely difficult to obtain such documents or information....

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Florida Corporate Entities

Florida Corporate Entities Florida offers many types of business entities that can limit the liability of its principals. The three main types of business entities are partnerships, corporations and limited liability companies. A General Partnership is an unincorporated business owned by two or more persons who share assets and liabilities. In order to limit liability, owners may choose to enter into a limited liability partnership, a limited partnership, or a limited liability limited partnership. ...

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Buying Real Estate in the United States, Part II: Closings

Buying Real Estate in the United States, Part II: Closings Part II: Closings on residential properties Once a potential buyer located a property in the US which he/she wishes to buy, the next step is to enter into a contract. If the purchase is for example to take place in the state of Florida, the Florida Bar and Florida Board of Realtors have prepared a standard form contract for residential property which is widely used and which contains clauses which are generally considered more balanced than other sample forms of contracts. ...

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Products Liability in the US – Vehicles

HELPING GERMAN VEHICLE MANUFACTURERS NAVIGATE THROUGH UNITED STATES PRODUCT LIABILITY LAW Germany exports many different types of cars and other vehicles to the United States every year. German manufacturers in general take special care to know both the industry standards and the governmental standards in order to comply with them. Unfortunately, sometimes this is not easily achieved or defects manifest themselves in the vehicle and then the manufacturer could face a products liability claim in the US. At a time like this the German manufacturer may need a law firm in the United States that is knowledgeable and experienced...

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Aviation Products Liability and Drones

Aviation Products Liability and Drones Aircraft and spacecraft is a multi-billion dollar industry in Germany. With the increased use of drones across the globe this industry is expanding very quickly to include drone production and new laws to comply with regarding their use. The German Aviation Act has been amended and now classifies drones as aircraft....

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The impact of United States Product Liability Law on German parts and equipment

The impact of United States Product Liability Law on German parts and equipment Germany exports many different types of parts and equipment to the United States totaling over $24 billion dollars per year, according to When such products contain defects, the manufacturer, distributor and even the retailer could face a products liability claim. Once a claim is made, it is important for the manufacturer to retain counsel and to assert certain defenses to protect itself from liability and damages. A manufacturer should retain experienced counsel to help defend it properly. ...

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Corporate Law: A Fresh Look at German and American Company Law

Corporate Law: A Fresh Look at US and German Company Law What US and German Companies should understand about Business Law Corporate law is also called company law or corporations law. An Overview of the Laws and Regulations that Define Corporate Structures Domestically and Abroad Corporate law can be defined as the sector of the legal realm that deals with the formation and operations of corporations. Another corporate law definition defines it as the study of how stakeholders interact with one another. Stakeholders can be shareholders, directors, employees, creditors, consumers, the community, and the environment. ...

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Business Organization in New York: For-Profit versus Not-For-Profit Corporations

The incorporation or organization of an entity as either a for-profit or not-for-profit corporation carries significant benefits over an unincorporated entity, including personal asset protection, additional name and brand protection, taxation flexibility, deductible expenses, and perpetual existence. Depending on the intended purpose and structure of the entity, it may qualify for not-for-profit status, which significantly decreases the taxes assessed against the entity, but limits the scope of certain aspects of its operation, including mandating certain aspects of management and limiting distribution of profits and other activity. Whether an entity wishes to organize as a for-profit or not-for-profit corporation, working with...

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Making and Litigating a Spanish Law 57/68 Claim with the UTFPA Team

This article will go through the process of making a Spanish Law 57/68 claim and give an overview of what to expect after you contact UTFPA. We encourage you to read our related article (Spanish Law 57/68 Bank Guarantees) providing background and details regarding Spanish Law 57/68. We also encourage you to review our related Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) article. These articles explain the Spanish Law 57/68 and the importance of doing your own due diligence and selecting a legal and administrative team with a proven track record, experienced attorneys and the resources to see your case through...

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Spanish Law 57/68 Bank Guarantees Provide Investors the Right to Recover Their Deposits

Spanish Law 57/68 Bank Guarantees Provide Investors Who Paid Deposits in Failed and Untimely Completed Spanish Property Developments the Right to Recover Their Deposits By John L. Urban, Shareholder Urban Thier & Federer, P.A. (“UTFPA”) A Fresh Look at Spanish Law 57/68: For well over half a century, the Spanish real estate market, and especially the Spanish off-plan/preconstruction real estate investment market, has regularly cycled through boom and bust phases....

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