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New York Personal Injury Lawyer

Accident Attorney

Personal Injury in New York, New Jersey or Connecticut

We represent clients who have been injured in an accident or a criminal act in New York, New Jersey or Connecticut. If you have been injured in an accident in the tri-state area and need legal representation, there are certain things you can do to prepare for a meeting with one of our personal injury lawyers: before you meet with your personal injury attorney. Below you find a checklist of documents and information, which will help us to assess your case and decide whether or not it makes sense to pursue the matter.

We represent a sizeable number of international travelers and tourist, namely from Germany and German speaking countries, as well as travelers from England, the United Kingdom and France, who suffer personal injuries in New York, Connecticut or New Jersey.

NYC Attorney Free Consultation

Depending on your case, we may be able to offer No Win No Fee agreement and offer a free consultation to determine whether your case qualifies.

In New York City, Brooklyn, Long Island, Queens please contact our NYC office at (646) 530-878.

For those persons, some of the documents vary from the documents we require from local clients.

Information you will need related to the accident: 

We will need as many details as possible regarding when, where and how the accident happened and who witnessed the accident. Please collect the following information:

  • A copy of the police report regarding the accident causing the personal injury
  • A copy of your insurance card, or for foreign travelers, the insurance information related to the rental car or vehicle, if any
  • Photos of the accident, of the position of vehicles, of signage and of injuries
  • A description of where the accident happened, including the street address, and any particular circumstances (was there a traffic sign? Was the traffic sign clearly visible? What were the weather conditions, general visibility, are there any other specifics of the location which you think are relevant?)
  • Who caused the accident, what is his/her address? Why do you think this person was at fault?
  • Contact information for any witnesses, such as passengers in the vehicle or bystanders
  • Medical Records: Please prepare all available medical records of treatments related to the accident.

Also, please retain documents that show your expenses related to such medical treatments, such as medical bills, taxi receipts etc. Please provide us also with information regarding any prior medical conditions.

The opposing side will at some point want to see more extensive medical documentation than you might now anticipate.

For our European, namely our German, Austrian or Swiss clients, the amount of medical documentation needed to prove your claim is often surprising.

We can assist these clients in Germany, Austria or Switzerland, and most other European countries in obtaining these documents, but If you have received any medical care for the injuries you’ve suffered, please get a copy of the medical records; however, the earlier such clients start gathering these documents, the better.

The required documents can include:

  • Report by ambulance staff
  • Hospital records
  • Notes, charts and other records from treating US doctors and nurses, as well as foreign doctors
  • X-rays
  • Diagnostic testing reports and supporting documents
  • Physical therapy reports

Other documents: Also, we will need to get to see your medical insurance information, as well as all communication between you and the insurance company, yours and that of the other side.

We suggest that you do not communicate with the person who caused the accident or his/her insurance if you can at all avoid it. This cannot help your case. Particularly our European, in particular German, Austrian or Swiss clients feel that they have an obligation to cooperate with the insurance of the person who caused the accident, since they may be used to do so in their home countries.

In the US, we suggest that you let us handle such communication.

Finally, all documents related to financial losses suffered due to the injury are important.

Often, our German and other European clients have the medical expenses paid by their travel or health insurance and they have issues with obtaining these records from their foreign insurance. We can assist such clients with obtaining these records.

The list above is of course not complete, on the other hand, it is not necessary to have all documents handy at the time of the first appointment.

This shall only serve a guideline to what documents should be kept, requested and looked up in case of an accident in New York, New Jersey or Connecticut, by an American or a foreign victim of an accident.

Please note that it is helpful if you bring documents to the first appointment with one of our PI lawyers, but it is not necessary or required.

Carl-Christian Thier

Carl-Christian Thier is a founding Shareholder of Urban Thier & Federer, P.A.

Mr. Thier’s practice focuses primarily on German and United States international laws in the areas of contract law, taxation, tax planning, business entity formation and other business matters, with a particular focus on cross border investments between Germany and the United States.

Barry R. Fischer

Barry Fischer is an Of Counsel Attorney with Urban Thier & Federer, P.A. He is based out of the New York office.

Mr. Fischer’s practice focuses primarily on commercial litigation with concentration on business fraud and financial fraud.

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