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Trends in International Law – German Lawyer Christian Thier Publishes Online Course

International Legal Trends Course – German-US, Swiss-US, and Austria-US Issues

Attorney Carl-Christian Thier published a continuing legal education course outlining current trends in international law. He focuses primarily on US-German, US-Austrian and US-Swiss legal issues. U.S. companies are often not aware of the legal landscape in Europe and law practices may be called on to give them guidance as they establish themselves abroad.

Attorney Thier discusses domestic and foreign litigation, international laws that should be considered in each situation. He also covers how U.S. judgements are handled internationally. Other important factors such as double taxation and treaties that impact legislature and taxation are included in the course.

If you have clients that are in need of guidance in any of these areas including:

    • International Law
    • International Estate Issues
    • Foreign Judgements
  • Double Taxation

This course may be suited to your practice. It does offer CLE credits and varies depending on the practice location. For instance for New York the course offers 1.5 for the category “professional practice.”

Attorney Carl-Christian Thier is a founding shareholder at Urban Thier & Federer and has extensive experience in international law, German American legal issues, Swiss American law, and the Austrian legal system. If you have questions, please feel free to contact Christian in one of his offices. He frequently spends time in the US and in Germany.

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