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Urban Thier Federer (UTF) Joins High Quality International Lawyer Network, as Representative of the United States

by | Jul 30, 2017 | Business, Commercial Litigation Legal Support, Family Law, Firm News |

Representing Urban Thier & Federer P.A., Attorney Carl Christian Thier attended the Galexy International Annual Conference in Athens, Greece in July 2014. Galexy International is an association of international law firms that focuses on providing client services between the countries within the network. The association is made up of firms from eighteen different countries, namely Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, France, Greece, India, Israel, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland, Romania, Sweden, Turkey, United Kingdom and now also the United States. Only one law firm per country is selected by Galexy International and vetted through a yearlong selection process. UTF is honored to represent the US in such an exclusive circle of high quality law firms.

The 2014 Annual Conference for Galexy International was attended by almost fifty Galexy members and consisted of several working sessions, presentations, and guest speakers. The theme of this year’s conference was the financial crisis in Greece and included discussions on the causes as well as the effects of the Greek crisis on business around the world. Sixteen countries were represented at the conference.

Galexy International members have access to a large network of firms all around the world that work with clients on various international matters. The focus of members is on international commercial litigation and business consulting, international inheritance law, as well as international family law. Working with Galexy International will allow Urban Thier & Federer, P.A. to provide clients with services involving countries all over the world in cooperation with other top notch international law firms. For more information on the Galexy International Conference in Athens, please see (www.galexy.eu/en/article_groups/1/articles/51).

Carl Christian Thier

Attorney at Law