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Aachen Attorneys With An International Reach

The Aachen office of Urban Thier & Federer, P.A., is strategically located to serve clients from Germany and abroad. Our attorneys have spent many years working through complicated legal matters with an international scope. We are committed to providing parties who have international issues with the personalized and dedicated legal counsel they deserve.

What Do We Focus On?

We help individuals, families and businesses solve complex problems related to:

We have a firm understanding of German culture and extensive experience with Germany’s legal system. Our knowledge of how business and legal matters are addressed in the country puts us in a unique position to help you reach an appropriate resolution to your challenges.

Locating Our Aachen Law Office

Urban Thier & Federer‘s Aachen office is situated minutes south of the city’s center and two blocks north of Bundesstraße 1. We are less than three kilometers away from all local courthouses. The following institutions and landmarks are nearby:

  • Aachener Dom
  • Katschhof
  • Marschiertor
  • Rathaus Aachen

Contact Us For Legal Guidance

If you are a resident of or have interests in Germany, we are here when you need legal help. Our lawyers speak German and are licensed to practice in the country. We also provide obligation-free consultations to prospective clients. To schedule yours, complete our intake form or call 212-257-0898.

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