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Protect Your Assets And Legacy With Confidence

Whether you are creating an estate plan to preserve your interests, or you are an heir dealing with a probate or administration matter, you probably have questions. Navigating the planning or administration process is often confusing and difficult. The attorneys at Urban Thier & Federer, P.A., understand what you are going through. We use our ample experience to help you create a thorough plan that is tailored to minimize tax concerns. We also help heirs who are on the receiving end of an estate. If you are an heir with questions or concerns, we can help you get your share or tackle a dispute through litigation.

With offices in both the United States and Germany, we are equipped to assist in the administration of estates for heirs in the United States and Europe.

Wealth Preservation For Your Business And Family

If you are concerned about tax law and wealth preservation for your family, Urban Thier & Federer‘s wealth management lawyers can help you create a solid strategy and put all of the proper legal requirements in place to administer all of your wealth management needs.

Whether your needs are general in nature or more complex, we have the knowledge and experience. We have dealt with complex international estate and wealth management planning for many individuals and business entities. Our solution is customized based on each client’s unique financial status and needs.

We have experience coordinating multiple aspects of legal wealth management concerns such as accounting, insurance and banking.

We manage many aspects of wealth management legal planning, including the following areas:

  • Trusts and wills
  • Tax implications
  • Estate and distribution disputes
  • Wealth planning
  • Strategic estate planning
  • Distribution of assets
  • Business entity considerations

Whether you are concerned about control of family-owned businesses or institutional fiduciaries through transitional times, such as retirement or estate distribution, we can provide a solution. We will also help you navigate important taxation considerations such as gifts, generational transfers and income taxes.

Guidance With Probate And Administration Matters

A thorough plan is essential to preserving a legacy, but once an individual passes away, probate and administration take place. We guide individuals through the probate process and help heirs obtain what they are entitled to.

Probate is the common term for the administration of the estate of a person who has died, also called a decedent. The estate is administered by a personal representative, who is also commonly known as an executor, executrix, administrator or administratrix. The administration of an estate takes place in the state or country where the decedent lived. The process includes collecting all of the decedent’s property, paying the decedent’s debts, and distributing what remains to beneficiaries. A decedent is either considered testate or intestate. Testacy means that the person died with a valid will. Intestacy is when a person dies without a will or with a will that is invalid for some reason. In the probate of a testate estate, the intention is also probated or proved to be valid.

The administration includes the distribution of property according to the terms of the will. In many jurisdictions, there are two types of probate: Probate in Solemn Form, which is more formal; and Probate in Common Form, which has fewer formal legal requirements.

Ready To Support You With Planning Or Probate

Our attorneys represent clients who are United States residents with inheritance rights in Germany and German residents with inheritance rights in the United States. If you are facing issues such as complying with requirements of the United States and German probate courts, tax offices, heirs, accountants, financial institutions, real property holdings, and a host of other potential issues and parties, we can help. Urban Thier & Federer, P.A., serves clients worldwide and has law offices strategically located in different parts of the United States and Europe. Call us today at 212-257-0898 or get in touch with our lawyers via email today.

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