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On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2020 | Personal Injury and Wrongful Death |

Personal Injury cases arise when someone is hurt or killed due to the negligence of another person or company.  Injuries may be physical, mental, or fatal.  A personal injury or wrongful death claim is especially tragic when a child is involved.

The seeking of compensation and the filing of a lawsuit are the legal right of every individual who has been injured as a result of the wrongful act of another.  Such compensation typically includes payment for the injury, pain and suffering, medical expenses, lost wages and income, loss of companionship and consortium, lost future income, future medical and rehabilitative expenses, funeral expenses, and other expenses and losses resulting from the injury or death.

Whatever your experience, you likely will find yourself in a highly emotional and vulnerable state in the immediate aftermath of the accident.  It is important for you to contact a Personal Injury attorney as soon as possible after suffering an injury or loss of a loved one, to protect yourself from the insurance agents and bill collectors that will contact you.

Also, there is sometimes a statute of limitations for filing lawsuits.  The specific legal guidelines where you live, the type of injury incurred, and the amount of time passed since you discovered the injury are all factors in determining whether you can proceed with a lawsuit.  A Personal Injury attorney immediately puts all affected parties on notice and protects your legal rights.

Experienced Personal Injury attorneys, like those at Urban Thier & Federer, can guide you through the maze of forms and legalities you may confront while trying to get the medical care and reimbursements to which you are entitled.  For instance, a Personal Injury attorney can contact your medical providers to make sure that you continue to receive care while the responsible insurance company is held accountable for paying your bills.  This stops calls and letters to you from bill collectors so you can focus on your recovery.

Insurance companies are often quick to settle with victims of Personal Injury.  While this may seem like an attractive option to you, without legal representation you may sign away your rights to future compensation and/or settle for a fraction of the amount to which you are entitled.

We recommend that you or your surrogate research Personal Injury attorneys to determine how long they have been in practice, their education, their experience in your type of case, and any other relevant data before committing to an attorney to represent you.

You deserve a qualified legal representative to advocate for your best interests during this trying time in your life.  Urban Thier & Federer has an excellent record of successfully pursuing Personal Injury cases in the United States and abroad.  As personal injury and wrongful death claims typically involve dealing with insurance companies and their personal injury attorneys, our experience in insurance coverage and other areas of civil litigation assure that our clients recover compensation from as many sources and potentially liable parties as possible.  We offer personalized, compassionate service that serves our clients well throughout their Personal Injury cases.  Contact us to have an attorney review your case.

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