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What is required for a work visa?

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2021 | Blog, Immigration |

Many immigrants are seeking better employment opportunities in New York. In order to gain access, immigrants will need to obtain a temporary work visa. This is a temporary pass for these workers to come to the United States to be employed for a fixed period of time.

Who qualifies for a work visa?

Those who are looking to work in the United States who currently do not live here will need to meet three main qualifications in order to obtain a work visa. If you don’t meet even one of these requirements, you’ll be ineligible to apply or obtain a U.S. work visa. The first requirement is to have a job offer in the United States. This position must be for an American company in order to be eligible.

Your potential employer must file a petition

The USCIS is responsible for all protections created by U.S. employers. The American employer that offered you a position must file a petition with the USCIS. This petition basically states that they offered you a position and fair pay similar to U.S. workers. There’s a fee that must be paid with the submission of the petition from your potential employer.

The last thing that you’ll need is a labor certificate approval from the U.S. Department of Labor. This approval is granted when the Department of Labor agrees that the American business needs to genuinely hire foreign workers to stay competitive in their market. This step is intended to ensure that an American company is not trying to hire cheaper foreign labor to replace more expensive American labor.

Getting the opportunity to work in America is something that many immigrants look forward to. If you’ve received an offer for a position, it’s time to file for a work visa. By meeting all the qualifications that we went over above, you’ll be well on your way to getting approved to work in America.