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When is it right to trademark your business name?

On Behalf of | Aug 16, 2021 | Business, Business and Commercial Law |

Everyone has seen a trademark that distinguishes one product from another. This trademark consists of words, phrases, logos or designs that are unique, concise and easy to recognize from afar. The question is whether it is useful to trademark your business’s name in New York.

Why you should trademark your business name

Trademarking your business name is recommended to add a recognizable face to your company. A brand is a design that everyone will recognize and makes it easier to identify your business. According to business and commercial law – consulting professionals, you should seek a registered brand for a very popular product with an exceptional name.

Steps to obtain a trademark

A business name must be eligible to receive a trademark. A business or product is often qualified to be trademarked if its name becomes so popular and widely known among consumers that it’s vulnerable to theft or plagiarism. First, you need to find out if the name of your company meets the eligibility requirements, which are it is to be actively in use and be distinctive. It must be unique enough to prevent consumers from being confused by two similarly sounding names. When you’re ready, fill out a trademark application that can be completed online, and wait several months for processing.

Protect the integrity of your business

New York’s trademark law determines which names receive trademarks in connection with unique goods or services and which ones do not. There is a long waiting period, and even afterward, a request for a trademark can be rejected for different legal reasons. Overall, any business that has very valuable assets has the right to protect its name with a trademark.