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Violent crime may lead to negligent security lawsuits

On Behalf of | Jan 7, 2022 | Personal Injury and Wrongful Death |

Concerns over violent crime weigh on the minds of New York residents. Sadly, robberies and assaults happen, and these incidents could happen anywhere. That said, the chances of an assault are higher when security is lax vs. when property managers take better steps to keep people safe Hotel managers, store owners, and others might have a responsibility to keep patrons and visitors safe. Failing to do so may open doors for a civil suit.

Safety, security, and violent crime

Increased violent crimes, such as murder and aggravated assault, prompt a more cautious attitude towards security. An apartment complex may require codes to open doors and operate the elevator. Security personal might be on staff 24/7, keeping an eye on the premises.

High-rise apartment complexes are not the only properties that employ increased security. A convenience store may place a guard outside the front door. Improving the lighting right outside the premises could be helpful to late-night customers as well.

How managers and employees respond to a troubling situation could save someone from injuries or worse. If someone behaves suspiciously or outright assaults someone, commercial and residential managers could call the police without delays. Refusing to get involved could be a dereliction of duty.

Legal problems for those who ignore security concerns

Residential and commercial property managers could find themselves facing a premises liability lawsuit for negligent security. Not fixing the lock on a window may result in a burglar entering, and the burglar might assault someone. Anyone who knew about the broken window and did nothing to address the problem may face liability claims.

The “duty of care” would vary depending on the property and the owner’s/manager’s responsibilities. For example, a homeowner has far fewer responsibilities than a hospital’s board of directors. Whatever the duty of care is, those who don’t live up to it may face a lawsuit.