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How do you explain employee raises?

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2022 | Blog, Business, Business and Commercial Law |

As a business owner, you want to take great care of your employees and pay them their worth. To satisfy all workers in your company, you must share the news of a raise carefully.

Chron explains how to tell your workers they got a raise. Learn how to communicate the facts clearly to keep misinformation from infecting the office.

Schedule time

Rather than send the employee an email with a form to complete, schedule a meeting where you discuss the pay increase. Schedule enough time to share the news of the raise and give the worker time to ask questions. To keep the details of the raise private, schedule the meeting in your office with the door closed or in a secluded conference room.

Explain the raise

So your employee understands behaviors that earn pay raises, explain why she or he received a bump in pay. For instance, perhaps the raise comes along with a promotion, the worker remained with your company long enough to earn a raise or she or he gets an increase in pay for a positive performance review.

Show figures

Use figures to represent the pay increase. The goal for this tip is to ensure your employee fully understands how pay increases work. Show the worker her or his current pay, then compare that to the new salary. If the raise also affects employee benefits, break down those changes, too.

Keeping workers well-informed helps ensure a company’s workforce and leaders remain on the same page. Explaining a pay raise rather than telling an employee she or he got a raise may help keep workers motivated and protect their rights.