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How to pursue legal action if I am injured while traveling in the United States

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2022 | Personal Injury and Wrongful Death |

If you are visiting the United States from abroad, it can be overwhelming trying to learn how to handle serious situations in a completely foreign environment. Sustaining a significant injury, for example, will likely give rise to many questions as to how you can pursue legal action in the United States.

Aetna International provides guidelines on how to seek medical care in the United States if you become ill or injured while traveling. After securing your health, you can take the appropriate legal action by understanding what types of injuries commonly occur while traveling and what steps to take afterward.

What types of injuries can occur while traveling?

Motor vehicle accidents are always a possibility, especially when you drive an unfamiliar rental car. Slip and fall injuries are relatively common at hotels and resorts when negligence leads to unsafe walking conditions. You might also encounter a risk of injury when visiting tourist attractions, taking a cruise, or participating in any other recreational activity during your trip.

What steps can I take after suffering an injury?

Your first priority after suffering an injury is to dial 911 and seek necessary medical attention. When it is safe to do so, you should gather evidence relating to the accident, including taking photographs of people and vehicles, and ask for witness contact information.

Your efforts in documenting the circumstances around the accident will help you build a case with your chosen legal representative. You should also ensure that you keep copies of vehicle rental agreements, insurance coverages, medical records for injuries, police reports, and all other relevant documentary evidence related to the accident.

Accidents that occur while traveling abroad can be particularly complicated from a legal standpoint. It is important to contact a legal advocate who understands your unique circumstances so that you have the best chance at receiving justice and compensation.