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Urban Thier & Federer goes Dubai: A Powerful Choice for International Clients in the UAE

On Behalf of | Aug 16, 2023 | Dubai, Firm News |

Urban Thier & Federer (UTF), an international law firm with offices in the USA, EU and the United Kingdom has recently opened its new office in Dubai, UAE. This strategic move aims to cater to international clients with business interests in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, solidifying UTF’s commitment to providing comprehensive legal services in the region. UTF’s presence in Dubai stands as an exceptional choice for both international clients in the UAE and UAE clients with business interests abroad.

Expertise in International Business Law

UTF’s focus on international business law makes it an excellent choice for clients seeking legal support in Abu Dhabi or Dubai. With its specialized knowledge and understanding of global trade dynamics, UTF possesses the necessary expertise to navigate complex cross-border transactions, regulatory frameworks, and international dispute resolution mechanisms. This experience ensures that international clients receive tailored legal solutions, enabling them to effectively conduct their business operations in the UAE.

In-Depth Knowledge of UAE Law

UTF brings substantial local and international business law experience to its Dubai office. UTF offers clients a unique advantage. This diverse background equips UTF with comprehensive insights into the intricacies of UAE law, enabling them to provide nuanced advice and representation tailored to the specific needs of clients in the UAE.

Convenient Location in the DIFC

Strategically situated in the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) area, UTF’s new office enjoys a prime location in the heart of Dubai’s bustling downtown area. The DIFC, renowned for its business-friendly environment and robust legal infrastructure, attracts a multitude of international companies. UTF’s presence in this prestigious district not only offers clients easy access to their services but also signifies their commitment to being at the center of Dubai’s business landscape.

Comprehensive Legal Practice Areas

UTF’s UAE practice covers a wide range of areas, including international business law, international tax, contract law, real estate, and construction law. By specializing in these key domains, UTF ensures that clients receive comprehensive legal support for their diverse business needs. Whether it’s negotiating complex contracts, resolving international tax issues, or addressing real estate and construction matters, UTF’s expertise enables clients to navigate the legal landscape with confidence.

International Support from US and EU Offices

In addition to their Dubai office, UTF maintains offices in the United States and the European Union. This global presence allows UTF to provide seamless support to international clients by addressing any US or EU implications or aspects of their Dubai or Abu Dhabi activities. With a network of experienced attorneys across multiple jurisdictions, UTF can offer clients a holistic approach to their legal matters, considering the broader international context.

Experienced and attentive legal service for Dubai

The establishment of UTF’s new office in Dubai, UAE reinforces its commitment to serving international clients with business interests in the region. UTF’s specialized expertise in international business law, in-depth knowledge of UAE law, convenient location in the DIFC, and comprehensive legal practice areas make it a compelling choice for clients seeking legal assistance in the UAE.

Moreover, the firm’s international support from its US and EU offices enhances its ability to address clients’ needs both in the UAE and abroad. By choosing UTF, international clients and UAE clients overseas can rely on a reputable and proficient legal partner that understands the complexities of doing business in the UAE.