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H2-B Work Visas

by | Jul 30, 2017 | Aachen, Firm News, Immigration, London, Munich |

H2-B work Visas

Contrary to popular belief, US Work visas are not confined to only skilled workers. Workers without formal education can receive them also. US work visas are in the H2 classification and are for both seasonal and temporary workers in the agriculture (H2A) and non-agricultural category (H2B). The H2 visas are highly controlled as the presiding law restricts  these visa permits to less than 10,000 visas nationally, per year. Employers in need of these workers are required to dispense approximately the same documentation involving “necessity” as are H1B1 employers of skilled workers, but the employers are required to provide explanation as to why the need is  “temporary”: one time or seasonal based on industry demands. Visas such as these tend to as long as one year and rarely are any short of extensions given.

Thus, being granted the right to work in the United States is not an easy road. Work visas have a vast amount of competition and require both potential employer and the employee to invest a substantial amount of time as well as some money into the procedure. For the fortunate few, they are awarded education and skills, and the opportunity in a profession that they otherwise would not have had the chances to obtain.

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