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International Personal Injury FAQ

International Personal Injury Attorney With A Proven Track Record

At Urban Thier & Federer, P.A., we are happy to assist you or a loved one in the unfortunate event of a personal injury that happened abroad.

Domestic And International Injury Case Protocol: Individual Guidelines And Concerns

U.S. law is complex, and when an international component (another jurisdiction or legal system) is added into the mix, it makes things difficult for even seasoned attorneys to know how to deal with a matter. Most of us travel and never expect that something bad could happen while we are abroad, but international personal injuries are not that uncommon and often occur when least expected. Many have no idea how to proceed with legal counsel. At Urban Thier & Federer, we have heard many stories and examples of unexpected situations and problems that tourists and business people have experienced while traveling internationally. If you spend time searching the internet for blogs, questionnaires, settlement calculators and the statute of limitations, you are sure to discover that not all questions are answered.

Damages And Damages Calculator

This area is to help you answer the question: How much will I get? This is a simple economic damages calculator that you can use to determine economic damages. Please keep in mind that noneconomic damages are for things like scars, psychic injury, disfigurement and are often less black and white. Our firm has an extensive background in this area and will do extensive verdict searches and utilize other tools to determine the appropriate noneconomic damages amount. You will still need to consult with us to determine what the potential noneconomic damages could be. The question that is often asked is: Who pays the bill? Often the individuals involved in an accident are unclear on their rights and how to obtain compensation for their injuries. Usually, it is more than just the unfamiliarity with the legal world that causes individuals to run the risk of incorrect legal advice. We often find that language, culture and lack of contacts (knowing who to contact) play a significant role. At Urban Thier & Federer, we have a vast array of experience with cases involving individuals from the European Union being injured in the United States. We understand what is involved and are here to help.

Claims And Questionnaire / Questions

Here are some FAQs on the subject:

What are the costs?

Many clients wonder if there is an upfront payment for international personal injury litigation. The answer is that you don’t have to pay until we collect on your case. It is known as a contingency-based fee system. Our goal is to reach a financial settlement or judgment on your behalf, which we will share on a no-win/no-fee basis. Our firm will handle your injury case on a contingency fee basis – suggesting that you give no fee until we can achieve a financial result for you. Ours is based solely on the actual recovery of money for you, and we advance all costs.

A Look at Negligence:

How do we prove what happened is legitimate?

Our firm will give you clear direction on what type of reports, paperwork and information will be needed. Most likely you already have some of the information together and ready – for example, law enforcement reports, accident report, health care report, medical records, bills, etc. This is the type of information we will need to proceed with your case.

What kind of other details will be needed?

We ask that you would take the time to write down everything that you can remember about the accident, injury or incident as quickly as possible. Things that are pertinent are:

  • What was the date? The time? Weather conditions?
  • Who was there?
  • Where did it happen?
  • What were the major factors you can remember that led up to the event?

We will want to examine every detail and pull out the things that might not be obvious to you and isolate them as either contributing or noncontributing factors. Please make sure you get the name and contact information of any witnesses or third parties that were present. They may offer a unique viewpoint on what happened. This information can make a big difference in proving a case. We suggest that you take an extremely proactive part in providing details about individuals, their state of mind, details of what happened and anything else that may be admissible in a court of law or lead to admissible evidence. Don’t worry, and we can give you more detailed instructions should we take on your case. Let us decide how relevant issues and circumstances are for your situation.

Choosing The Best International Personal Injury Lawyer

Which firm should I use? Is there such a thing as an international personal injury law firm?

We have discovered that most American legal professionals have no acquaintance with the European or other international medical care systems and have no mechanism for or experience in obtaining critical records regarding your case and claim for damages. Rather than relying on legal forums for information, we suggest that you use a firm designed to assist and represent Europeans injured in the U.S. Such an international law firm should have a presence in Europe, understand the process to identify damages and request proper documentation, and have native speakers and attorneys available to support the process.

We can help even if you signed a waiver form. Let a professional take a look. Especially when considering that if we need to ask eyewitnesses to inform us of their point of view, non-German speaking witnesses would be hard to invite to share their story. At our law firm, international personal injury lawyers know how to request the appropriate medical and other records in other countries and work with natives on their level and in their language to ensure the viability of the information received. Because we understand the European legal system and process for obtaining information and have offices in Europe, we have been able to help many people who would have otherwise not been able to pursue a claim through the United States judicial system.

Can Urban Thier & Federer represent me anywhere in the United States?

This is our buyer beware speech, and it comes on the heels of individuals (legal counsel) who will take on your case only to pawn it off to another lawyer collecting referral fees. Make sure that the legal professionals you are dealing with on the front end are also the same legal professionals helping you on the back end of your case. At Urban Thier & Federer, we are a one-stop resource for you and your international personal injury case. Make sure to ask the firm you plan on working with directly if they will be the ones to provide resources for the entire case and manage the litigation process for you throughout the proceedings. Keep in mind that if an attorney has the expertise in the field, he or she should be able to provide you with a track record of their success in the area in question. We are happy to share our successful cases with our clients and are glad when asked about how we have acquired our knowledge and concentration in this field. We have offices throughout the United States and in Europe and are part of a network of law firms with offices all over the world to serve you better. We are delighted to consider your case should you find yourself involved in the unfortunate event of a personal injury claim.

Urban Thier & Federer is happy to let its clients know of the tremendous success we have enjoyed in the world of international personal injury law. We have locations across the United States to serve our clients better. Our expertise of the demands required by legal authorities in international personal injury litigation sets us apart from the rest. You may find that most U.S.-based attorneys are ill-equipped to serve in international litigation proceedings.

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