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Business Lawsuits

We Will Pursue A Lawsuit On Your Behalf

When it comes to you and your business, you always make strategic decisions. A lot of thought, time and preparation go into your every move. When issues arise, you want them handled swiftly and without incident. Unfortunately, these matters often escalate and end in a negative impact on your business. At Urban Thier & Federer, P.A., we know how important it is that you pursue a positive outcome in these instances.

With ample experience and diverse backgrounds, our attorneys work together as a team on your behalf. We create strategic solutions that are tailored to your specific case. We will help you pursue a business tort case and fight for your business’s needs.

What Is A Business Tort?

Business torts, also known as economic torts, are civil cases wherein one party to a business transaction causes economic loss or damage to the other party. The parties may be two businesses, a business that has caused a customer loss, or a customer or another third party that has caused a business loss. Lawsuits involving business torts and other business-related disputes are collectively referred to as commercial litigation cases.

Business torts typically involve commercial transactions and include interference with trade or contract, fraud, injurious falsehood and negligent misrepresentation.

The objective in these cases is to prove that there is harm or damage wrongfully caused by one party to another party in a business transaction.

Classic examples of business torts between businesses include:

  • Breach of contract agreement
  • Failure to pay
  • Intellectual property rights infringement
  • Violation of labor law
  • Antitrust or unfair competition laws or rulings
  • Defamation torts, defamatory injury to reputation, injurious falsehood, libel and slander, or negligent misrepresentation causing harm
  • Fraudulent conveyance or another improper transfer of funds to the detriment of a creditor
  • Conversion or civil theft of goods or services
  • Violation of trade secret law – wrongful disclosure or use

Business torts involving customers can include negligent misrepresentation of goods or services, breach of contract, conspiracy to do business harm and trade libel.

Act Today, We Will Help You Navigate Your Business Lawsuit

Urban Thier & Federer has prosecuted and defended a variety of American and international business torts. If you are a potential plaintiff or defendant to a business tort or another commercial litigation matter, call our offices at 212-257-0898 to speak with our team. You can also contact us via email submission.

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