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Rental Vehicle Accidents

Rental Vehicle Accident Assistance

When you are driving a rental vehicle, there is always the risk that you will be involved in an accident. Whether you are the driver at fault or somebody else struck you, it is still a dangerous situation that can leave you or your passengers injured. Our attorneys are experienced in assisting with these types of accidents and are adept at helping clients who were injured while traveling in the United States.

Insurance In A Rental Vehicle Accident

Getting injured while abroad is always a difficult and stressful situation, however, when it happens while you are in a rented vehicle, it adds an additional layer of complexity. The largest factor that can impact you is the type of insurance coverage you received from your rental company. There are four types of coverage that you can typically include as a part of your rental agreement:

  • Accident damage waiver: This optional policy waives any charges for damage sustained in a collision or theft of the vehicle.
  • Liability coverage: This policy provides coverage for property damage and medical expenses incurred by others if you cause an automobile accident while in the rented vehicle.
  • Personal accident insurance: This policy protects against any injuries that you or your passengers might sustain in a motor vehicle accident. This may sometimes overlap medical insurance coverage from travel insurance policies.
  • Personal effects coverage: These policies cover damage or loss of your personal belongings that you had in your rented vehicle.

The level of coverage that you purchase when you rent your vehicle can make a significant difference in the outcome of your rental vehicle accident. Some major credit card companies also include some portion of rental vehicle insurance when you use them as part of the transaction.

If you did not choose to purchase all of these insurance options, then you could face significant financial loss and liability. If you are traveling to the United States from a foreign country, it is especially important to see if there may be any exclusions to your personal auto insurance policy that would necessitate the purchase of additional rental vehicle insurance coverage.

Our Attorneys Can Assist You

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