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International Business Consulting In Dubai

Urban Thier & Federer‘s new law firm office in Dubai is set to assist clients from Europe, particularly German-speaking countries in Dubai, UAE, clients from the US in Dubai, UAE and UAE-based clients.

Our team of highly-experienced lawyers are well-versed in various areas of law, including, but not limited to:

The new office is a testimony of the firm’s desire to reach out to more clients in the United Arab Emirates, given the country’s cosmopolitan nature and the high potential for international business opportunities.

Strategic, Accessible And Effective

Our law office is situated in the heart of Dubai, which is one of the world’s largest business and financial hubs. The location is strategic and offers easy access to most commercial establishments in the city, including major banks, financial institutions, and legal bodies.

The move to establish Urban Thier & Federer‘s law firm office in Dubai is a clear indication of the growing importance of the city as a global business hub, and the company is poised to benefit from the expected rise in demand for legal services in the city.

Urban Thier & Federer is renowned for its expertise in various areas of international business law, particularly in matters related to international tax, estate planning, real estate and construction law.

A Focus On Personalized Attention

Our law firm’s focus on assisting clients from German-speaking clients in Dubai, UAE, and the U.S. in Dubai is a reflection of the company’s strong commitment to serving customers from diverse backgrounds. Our law firm’s approach to service delivery emphasizes personalized attention, which is critical in addressing the unique legal issues and requirements of clients and business owners who are based in different parts of the world.

The expansion of Urban Thier & Federer‘s law firm office in Dubai reflects the growing demand for quality legal services in the country. This makes the firm ideal for local UAE-based clients with international business interests, as well as clients who need legal advice on UAE law.

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The establishment of Urban Thier & Federers new law office in Dubai is a welcome development given the city’s growing importance as a hub for international business. With its focus on assisting clients from Europe, particularly German-speakers in Dubai, UAE, clients from the U.S. in Dubai, UAE and UAE-based clients in Dubai, Urban Thier & Federer is poised to provide high-quality legal advice to a wide range of clients in the country.

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