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Business In Spain

We Can Help Your Business In Spain

While the USA is the largest single market in the world, international deals are an essential part of many companies’ portfolios. With that in mind, for example Barcelona and Madrid are a strong starting point for companies looking to get a foothold in foreign markets. However, going into a new market is a legal challenge you should not face alone.

Our international business law attorneys offer skilled representation to clients seeking to enter the Spanish market. Urban Thier & Federer, P.A., has a long history of successful, thorough representation for clients worldwide. We can answer your questions and provide your business with all the benefits of our insightful international business consulting.

Assisting Clients Across International Borders

At Urban Thier & Federer, P.A., our experienced attorneys provide thoughtful guidance to U.S.-based clients across several areas of the law. Our team is equipped to handle international legal needs including, but not limited to:

  • Business & Commercial law
  • Corporate law
  • Corporate finance – investments (M&A)
  • Startups, venture capital, entrepreneurship
  • Business development in Spain
  • Sales support (customer search)
  • Market studies in Spain
  • Joint ventures with Spanish partners
  • Litigation in Spain
  • Inheritance in Spain
  • International estate planning, including wills and testaments
  • Cross-border taxation
  • Real estate law
  • Labor law
  • Accounting Management

Additionally, our firm offers the resources to assist Spanish-based clients conducting international affairs in the U.S. Areas of practice include, but are not limited to:

  • Business law
  • Commercial litigation
  • Estate planning
  • Probate court
  • Inheritance law
  • International taxation
  • Contract law
  • Severe personal injury cases

The Legal Landscape Of Business in Spain

With the economic downturn caused by the coronavirus pandemic, Spain has come to recognize the importance of foreign investment. There’s a critical push right now to bring business to the country. This includes:

  • 100% foreign ownership in investments
  • Completely liberalized capital movements
  • A nondiscrimination policy for international firms with respect to local access

Keep in mind, while there are favorable policies, there are foreign investment restrictions in industries such as:

  • Mineral production
  • Gambling
  • Telecommunications
  • Air travel

As a sovereign nation, Spain has a right to set policies regarding business facilitation and commercial real estate. Understanding these policies and the applicable law can be extremely complicated. Our team of attorneys can build a path forward for you to get the success and returns you desire.

A Brief Look At Spanish Commercial Real Estate

The commercial real estate market across Spain offers considerable opportunity, but there are many restrictions. As an investor in commercial property, you understand that every new location comes with unique difficulties. The challenges regarding real estate investment include:

  • Seeking government authorization before investing
  • Meeting Spain’s anti-money laundering regulations
  • Securing the necessary legal basis for doing business in Spain

Our team has experience supplying skilled guidance through all the aspects of the real estate market. We will collaborate with you to pursue your goals and provide our detailed, thorough legal perspective on your projects.

Bank Relations And Payment Transactions

Securing banking investment in Spain can be a challenge, but investing systems are closely tied with the European Union. Meeting the standards of care and duty for proper banking in a foreign country is vital. Our team of attorneys can represent you in all finance matters.

Consult With Us On Your Spanish Venture

As a firm dedicated to client service and the pursuit of results, we know that you have many choices. Reach out to us to learn more about our team and our position in the Spanish legal market. Schedule a meeting by calling 888-799-7037 or using this online form.

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Christian Liepert

Christian Liepert

Christian Liepert is a Business Development Consultant founder and CEO at the independent Consulting Firm AXIKON. He is focused primarily in advising companies from a sales and marketing perspective on how to access and develop their business in Europe with main focus on Spain and Germany.

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