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Real Estate Transactions

Real Estate Transactions

At the international law firm of Urban Thier & Federer, P.A., we provide a wide range of transactional real estate-related services, including counsel and representation for:

  • Closings – The firm routinely acts as a closing agent for the sale and purchase of residential and commercial real property throughout Florida. As title insurance agents for both owner and mortgagee title insurance policies, we can provide all of the services you need to buy or sell real estate, from title policy and escrow agent services to preparation of all documents necessary to close the sale and financing. For out-of-state and international clients, in most cases, we can work with the parties and, through the use of consular staff, ensure that you do not need to leave your home state or country.
  • Purchase and sale contracts – The firm can assist you in all aspects of real estate sales and purchases. We can assist clients in preparing and understanding transaction documents, and appropriate Florida Bar-approved purchase and sale agreements and related forms, riders, and addenda. We can also review and summarize proposed real estate contract documents to help you evaluate and understand a contemplated transaction and to identify potential problem areas.
  • Lease agreements The firm has assisted numerous clients in reviewing their examined commercial and residential lease agreements to ensure that they understand the duties and obligations that will be imposed upon them.

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Our international real estate attorneys have the skills, experience and resources to navigate the complexities of real estate transactions in the United States and throughout Europe. Schedule a consultation today.

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