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Employment Based Green Cards

In general, a specific offer of employment from a United States based employer is required to qualify for immigration in the employment based preference categories. The issuance of visas in the employment based category may be susceptible to an annual numerical limitation.

  • Priority Workers (Employment Based First Preference Category) Persons of extraordinary ability in the sciences, education, arts, business or athletics: outstanding professors and researchers & certain multinational executives & managers;
  • Members of “The Professions,” Persons with exceptional ability in the sciences, arts and business (Employment Based Second Preference Category) Professionals holding advanced degrees, and person of exceptional ability in the sciences, arts, and business;
  • Professionals, skilled and unskilled workers (Employment Based Third Preference Category) Professionals holding baccalaureate degrees, skilled workers with at least two years experience, and other workers whose skills are in short supply in the United States;
  • Special Immigrants: certain religious workers and ministers of religion, certain international organization employees and their immediate family member, qualified and recommended current and former employees of the United States. government and returning residents, and
  • Investors: Persons who create employment for at least ten unrelated persons by investing capital in a new commercial enterprise in the United States. The minimum amount of capital required is between $ 500,000 and $ 1,000,000, depending on the employment rate in the geographic area.

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