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Palm Beach, FL

Florida Location:

205 Worth Avenue, Suite 3071 Palm Beach, Florida 33480

Phone: +1 (561) 293-2509

Fax: +1 (561) 293-2510

International Law Firm in Florida, Office in Palm Beach, Florida

Estate Planning, Inheritance and Probate matters, Real Estate Transactions, Wealth Management

Urban Thier & Federer, P.A. is an international law firm with offices in the United States and Europe. UTF’s focus is on assisting international clients in the US, in particular in the areas of commercial litigation, wealth management, and estate planning, probate matters as well as international family law.

The Palm Beach, FL office concentrates its practice on assisting international clients in the US, in particular in Florida. In cooperation with the London, UK, and Munich, Germany offices of the firm, the Palm Beach office represents many European clients in real estate acquisition matters and the sale of real estate in Florida.

Another area of expertise is the growing sector of inheritance or probate matters in South Florida involving foreign nationals. The firm has represented a large number of foreign individuals in South Florida, from Boca Raton all the way to the Florida Keys. The growing number of aging foreign nationals owning sizeable properties in Florida also creates various issues in the area of setting up wills or trust structures enforceable in Florida and Germany or the UK, or other foreign countries. UTF assists high net worth individual in estate planning matters, involving complex foreign and US structures. The firm regularly handles matters related to Double Taxation Agreements between the US and other countries, notably the UK and Germany.

The firm also represents foreign nationals who suffered damages from an accident, in particular, car accident in Florida, and other Personal Injury matters involving foreign nationals in Florida.

Beriro Attorney

Gaël Beriro

Gaël Beriro is an Of Counsel Attorney with Urban Thier & Federer, P.A. and is the managing attorney of the firm’s Palm Beach office. He is based out of the Palm Beach office.

Mr. Beriro’s practice focuses primarily on real estate law, estate planning and probate matters with concentration on serving international clients.

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