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J.L. (Deutschland)

Yesterday I’ve received the money and wanted to thank you again for resolving my case so quickly and successfully!  I hope I won’t get injured again, but if I do I’ll definitely contact you again.

Thank you and all the best from Berlin

H.D. (Deutschland)

Aufgrund einer Erbangelegenheit in den USA wurde ich mit einer nicht gerechtfertigten Klage konfrontiert, die mich emotional sehr belastet hat, zumal landesunterschiedliche Rechtsformen bestehen.  John Urban und sein Team konnte diese Klage professionel und umsichtig abwenden und die Angelegenheit zu einem guten Ende bringen.  Ich wurde von John Urban und seinem Team jeweils mit Telefonaten und Informationen aus den USA unterstützt.  Dafür bin ich sehr dankbar und werde die Kanzlei in diesem Sinne weiterempfehlen.


Due to a hereditary matter in the US, I was confronted with an unjustified lawsuit, which has put a lot of emotional strain on me, especially since there are many different legal forms that are country specific. John Urban and his team were able to avert this lawsuit professionally and prudently and bring the matter to a good end. John Urban and his team assisted me with phone calls and information from the US. I am very grateful for that and in consideration of all this recommend the law firm.

–translation end–

S. W. (Deutschland)

Ich konsultierte die Kanzlei Urban Thier & Federer wegen einer mir zugefügten Körperverletzung im Ausland (USA). RA Thier und sein Team sind das Beste, was mir passieren konnte. Ich habe mich hier jederzeit kompetent beraten und sehr gut vertreten gefühlt. Der Fall wurde von Anfang an realistisch eingeschätzt, die Kommunikation war trotz unterschiedlicher Zeitzonen nie ein Problem. Herr Thier und sein Team agierten engagiert, kompetent und waren für Fragen jederzeit zu erreichen. Herr Thier beantwortete umgehend all meine Fragen und komplexe Sachverhalte wurden mir verständlich und geduldig erklärt. Die Zusammenarbeit mit den US Kollegen verlief unkompliziert und reibungslos.

Herr  Christian Thier ist ein großartiger Anwalt, ich würde ihn jederzeit wieder konsultieren und kann ihn mit gutem Gewissen weiterempfehlen. Mit dem erzielten Ergebnis und dem einwandfreiem Ablauf bin ich sehr zufrieden.


S. W. (Germany)

I retained the law firm of Urban Thier & Federer regarding a personal injury I suffered while abroad (USA). Attorney Thier and his team are the best that could have happened to me. I felt at all times that I was competently advised and very well represented. The case was assessed realistically from the start, and communication was never a problem, despite the different time zones. Mr. Thier and his team were engaged, competent and always available for any questions. Mr. Thier promptly and thoroughly answered all questions I had, and complex matters were explained in an understandable and patient manner. The communication and cooperation with the US colleagues was always without complications and efficient.

Mr. Christian Thier is a great attorney. I would retain him again immediately and can recommend him fully. I am very content with the obtained result and the process through which it was obtained.

–translation end–

F. T.

Urban Thier & Federer, P.A. are undoubtedly the most professional firm of lawyers I have come across in my career. Having mainly dealt with lawyers at the corporate level on multi-million construction projects, my experience in the UK was that the lawyers often forget who the client is. From the outset, John Urban put me at ease, especially as this was personal and involving our own investment monies. John did not hesitate in giving you time, even out of hours, and was clear and concise in his explanations on all counts. Furthermore backed up by the efficiency of his most pleasant team. We would not hesitate to recommend or use you again. Thank you again.

D. C.

John is a wonderful attorney who really cares for his clients. He spent a lot of time answering my questions and helping me through the confusing and difficult legal system! I was really surprised by his professionalism and abilities. He is one of the best and I have finally found an attorney that I can recommend! Kudos to him and his firm!

R. F.

Although being involved in a lawsuit is rarely a pleasant experience, I did feel a tremendous amount of caring sentiment as John Urban guided me through the process. He was there for me during the deposition and I felt totally prepared. I hope I don’t need legal services but if I do, I’d welcome the opportunity to contact John again.

R. H.

John Urban adopted a hands-on stance from start to finish, remained very approachable at all times, communicated with us frequently and dealt with our intricate breach of contract suit with great efficiency and delivered the goods to our complete satisfaction.

D. F.

Very efficient. It was nice to be able to talk directly to John Urban as and when necessary. They gave us the true picture of the situation from the start and we were pleased to get the matter settled fairly quickly so that we had peace of mind. John Urban talks a lot of sense and has a good staff to back him up.

N. F.

I was hugely impressed by John Urban. Always has time to talk to you. Very capable man who understands the need to simplify explanation to non-legal type clients. A top guy!

J. B.

We found that John Urban and the firm handled our case in a very professional and timely manner, achieving the outcome that had been promised. John obviously has a very solid knowledge of the minutia of the law and once we handed all the documents over, we left everything up to a dedicated team. We were kept up to date with the developments and had every confidence in John’s judgement. I wish law firms in the UK were as efficient!

S. P.

The whole team was excellent. John Urban explained things so clearly to a non-legal person. Nothing was too much trouble and he was always available or would phone back if he was busy. Everyone I had dealings with were great: so helpful, polite and nothing was too much trouble. I would like to thank you all again and wish you the very best. I haven’t any other experience of law firms in the US. But one thing I did appreciate in your emails was the explanation of legal terms and the use of plain English. A lot of legal firms in the UK and mainland Europe have a tendency to use the language of the court which is very off putting to clients. You didn’t, thanks for that.

S. A.

Found you very easy to talk to, you did not make me feel foolish when asking questions. I was kept informed regularly and your instructions were very clear. If ever I needed legal representation again, I would not hesitate to return to you. I truly hope that will not be necessary!

S. D.

I came upon this law firm by referral and my initial concerns about their integrity and honesty were immediately dispelled by open, frank and very honest discussions with their Principle John Urban who made himself available to discuss our issues which when seeking support and guidance from abroad and not familiar with US Law and jurisprudence was a great comfort.

The required actions were long and complicated and yet he himself and a very capable support team helped us through the many steps and simplified the explanations and execution of the many elements required to eventually reach a more than satisfactory conclusion.

I would more than commend John Urban and the firm of Urban Thier & Federer, P.A. to anyone seeking help in an hour of need, guidance and appropriate advice, openness and discretion, and if at all possible the best outcome that is realistically achievable.

D. H.

John Urban and his colleagues were very thorough throughout the process and kept me informed at all times, often with personal phone calls.

P. K.

I would recommend this law firm. After talking about my property problems with Mr. Urban I felt more at ease and confident that someone could help. Even though I live abroad, communication was excellent. All the targets/goals were achieved. I am totally satisfied with the service. Urban Thier & Federer came across as a very professional team.

M. H.

We invested in a Florida property which I believe had been miss-sold to us. We found out the development had run into difficulties and this obviously caused us serious stress and worry with nowhere to turn to. We were told about John Urban and a group of us employed his firm to salvage something from the situation. We found them very professional, answered questions promptly, and did not make false claims about what we could expect. Overall not a pleasant experience investing in our dream holiday home but it could have been a lot worse without the assistance of this law firm.

J. A.

Got the result we wanted in relatively no time at all.

R. M.

Needing the services of a law firm it was very encouraging to have John Urban and his team looking after us. The whole experience was dealt with very professionally and with the minimum of fuss.

P. L.

Urban Thier & Federer, P.A. is one of the most efficient, considerate, consistent and knowledgeable firms. This prolific law firm may be considered to be unparalleled to other law firms. Its method of communication is outstanding.

This is done by or through postage, emails, faxes and telephone conversations etc. It is responsive and fights aggressively on behalf of it’s clients. It could be considered ‘client-friendly’ and I highly recommend it to family, friends and colleagues for its outstanding and expert services. For more information on all of this law firm’s services one can go to the website of Urban Thier & Federer P.A. or email: urban@urbanthier.com. The Law Firm Urban Thier & Federer P.A. is simply the best. The best.

T. S.

Being based in the UK I needed a law firm that I could trust to act on my behalf and in my best interests; Urban Thier & Federer did this 10 fold! Absolutely delighted. They kept us informed at all stages, gave us wise advice, and ultimately achieved all that we were hoping to (and then a bit more). Highly recommended. Thank you very much!

I. M.

I have only been involved with lawyers a few times in my life, but your firm seems to be of well above average standard, specifically in ensuring the whole, rather complicated process, was explained in simple terms that were easily understood.

At no point in the process was I unclear as to my options and the way forward. Unconditionally recommend UTF&J.

D. W.

Urban Thier & Federer provided detailed and accurate advice on our legal rights and entitlements. They were supportive throughout the proceedings and achieved a satisfactory outcome on our behalf. I have no hesitation in recommending them to others.

R. B.

Very professional approach throughout, all correspondence was dealt with in a timely manner. We were kept up to date with all aspects of the case. The effort put in by the staff was very much appreciated especially when we were in the UK. Thank you.

J. H.

Urban Thier & Federer, P.A. were both efficient and knowledgeable, whilst always sounding pleasant and ‘human’ on the telephone. Considering I was an unknown UK client, hoping to recover some of my investment from a failed off-plan purchase, they could not have been more helpful or reassuring. From my perspective the recovery process was very straightforward, though I am sure a considerable amount of research and preparation was required on their part to achieve the object so efficiently.

C. M.

Very efficient law firm.

A. S.

Very professional service. Thorough knowledge base and obvious competency gave me peace of mind.

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